We are a decade young organization

We are a decade old Security Agency Ahmedabad which was established on 2nd Sept, 2009 under Gandhinagar (Gujarat) Shops and Establishment Act. We began our journey of a security guards provider with one security guard and today, we offer a wide range of security services with many guards working with us. Through our commitment to serve people, our security agency started growing quickly within a fortnight. Our dedication to help others in providing security and safety to our clients in their private and working spaces has saved many residents from unwanted thefts and crimes.

Burglaries, theft, and various other crimes can happen in companies and residential areas anytime. That’s why it’s crucial to hire security agency Ahmedabad to keep valuables and your place safe and secure from such criminals. Security guards not only guard your area against criminals but improve your quality of life as you know that you are in safe hands.

Our company is registered with Provident Funds, ESIC, Service Tax Authorities. We respect the hard work of our security guards, thus ensuring that they get their Provident Funds and feel secure about their future too. To provide the best security services Ahmedabad, we have ex-personnel from police, paramilitary and Army to provide hands-on defense training to our guards who will be serving you. We ensure to make you feel safe, every second.

We also have a central control system to equip with last-mind unexpected emergency needs. All our staff is trained to use hi-tech gadgets so that they can communicate about such breakdown to us. Our monitoring system along with guards at your place is the best way to prevent any criminal acts.

We are a technology empowered security agency, who knows how to handle any rough situation with expertise. This makes Kavach Security Services Ahmedabad, Gujarat, one of the best security services providers for all aspects of the workforce, security, and facility management. Our objective is to provide high-level security to your property and protect your physical assets.

Why do you need to hire a professional security guard?

Needless to say, there are many reasons why one needs a powerful Security agency, Ahmedabad. Our security officers have tremendous experience helping in preventing crime, maintaining safety, and assisting residents and customers, thereby providing a sense of security to all those who they serve.

With the team of dedicated experts, Kavach Security has been providing a secure environment for your business and residential areas. Being the best security agency in Ahmedabad, we guarantee you with the following benefits:

Prevention from crime

The well-trained security officers check every detail and spot any doubtful or disbelieving activity. The professional security guards know what to do in case of a safety breach and how to assess the situation effectively.

Peace of mind

When you hire security guards from us, you can ensure that your family, business, customers, and employees are in expert hands. Not only you and your family but also your customers and employees will have a sense of security with our expert security services Ahmedabad.

Genuine monitoring

Being a leading security services provider in Ahmedabad offers expert security guards that monitor your place in realtime. They can guard or keep an eye on your private and working space at the current time of recording.

Our experts are entirely ambitious and are driven by reliability, guiding principle, openness, and integrity. Being the best security guards provider, we at Kavach Security ensure that all our clients receive a full range of quality assured security guard services and stay safe from any kind of unwanted security breakdown.


Continually strive to meet or exceed the specific requirements of our clients by providing the highest quality of private security services, while keeping our primary emphasis on competence, professionalism, and integrity. Foster these core qualities through the careful selection and superior supervision, education, and training of our uniformed security officers and support staff. Consistently maintain a stable and exceptionally positive working environment for our employees, which is characterized by fairness, loyalty, honesty, dedication, and determination that is commensurate with performance.


Kavach Security Services' vision is to be the most professional security leader in the industry by exceeding our customers' expectations and creating client-agency working partnerships while valuing each and every employee.