Commercial Security Services

Kavach is a reputed commercial security services provider that offers a wide range of security services to help your business run smoothly without any worries. We help you to avoid risks in business like possible theft of raw materials, inventory, or money and also protect against criminal activities. We excel in providing security to malls, restaurants, theatres, showrooms, and other commercial establishments.

What makes the best security guards for commercial complex in Ahmedabad, is that we are trained by retired personnel from the army, police, or paramilitary forces. We have been providing security service to a wide range of clients over a decade, thus giving us expertise in handling all kinds of security requirements. Our excellent track record has helped us grow and achieve our targets in a very short span. Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for all our clients to carry on their businesses efficiently.

We offer the best commercial security services:
  • Controlling access: Our security guards are always alert, checking anybody entering and exiting your business premises. They will record visitor’s details and check their identification so that suspicious-looking or unauthorized people do not enter
  • Round the clock patrol: There will be 24x7 patrols by guards around your establishment, and they will challenge anybody who looks suspicious in appearance. They will take charge of locking and unlocking the property or office after business hours and will also monitor the equipment to check if they are working properly
  • Providing emergency response: Our experienced guards are trained to give a quick response in case of any untoward event, such as a fire, theft, or altercation. They will take care of any intruder trying to enter the premises or handle any quarrel or fight that may erupt inside or outside the premises
  • General security: The security guards are trained to provide first aid in case of injuries. They can also detect any explosive device on the premises. They have been trained to work with the fire alarm systems. The guards will search visitors or people for any suspicious objects they may carry into the establishment
Why should you select Kavach for commercial security services?

Kavach is the best commercial security services provider in Ahmedabad for the following reasons:

  • We employ only highly qualified security staff: We hire only the most skilled security guards after verifying their background for criminal records. We train our security guards in all modern combat methods, weapons, and surveillance systems to enable them to deal efficiently with any challenging situation
  • We have years of experience: Over the years, we have provided tailor-made commercial security services to different types of commercial establishments as per the specific needs of their business. Our work has a very high success rate, and our clients’ faith in us motivates us to provide them even better service.
  • We never stop innovating: Our team believes in constant innovation, and we are always on the lookout for new methods that can help us provide better security to our clients. We provide our staff with training in the latest combat techniques and gadgets so that they protect your premises from criminal activities

By hiring our security guards for commercial complex, you can be rest assured that we will be responsible for the security and safety of the premises