Security Guard Services

We are a well-established security guard services in Ahmedabad and provide the finest security services with multi-level security teams that have clear cut responsibilities and well-defined roles:

• Officers • Supervisors • Head guards • Guards • Armed Guards • Ladies Guards

Security officers

We are reputed to be the top security guards provider in Ahmedabad. Most of our security officers are Ex Indian Army (JCO rank and above). They are well-trained, experienced distinguished professionals who have served in the Army at various positions. The responsibilities of a Security officer include:

  • Formulation and implementation of security plans and programs that are best suited for the facility.
  • Creating a secure environment for residents or workers.
  • Arranging covert methods of collecting information that is relevant to the safety of the organisation.
  • Managing and leading the security team.
  • Liasoning with the local police and other law enforcement agencies. Ensuring that all security equipment and gear are in place.


Skilled, well-trained team leaders who:

  • Help security officers to implement his plans
  • Ensure that guards follow the plan and perform all their duties during his shift.
  • Ensure that equipment and documents in his charge are properly maintained.

Head Guards and Guards:

The head guard acts as a supervisor in the absence of his superior. He along with other guards are young, responsible, trust-worthy civilians who are vigorously trained to perform all their duties effectively at all times. They function strictly according to orders given to them by their superiors on behalf of the management. Guards are responsible for:

  • Protecting people and merchandise/machinery or equipment.
  • Securing entry and exit points and patrolling the parameter frequently.
  • Preventing unauthorised entries Checking and reporting any matter that may compromise the security of the facility.

Armed Guards

Armed guards are security personnel who own valid gun-licenses. They may be ex-army personnel or civilians. These guards are used only to scare off offenders and are only allowed to fire in self-defence.

Benefits of Hiring The Best Security Guard Services

In these troubled times, where crime rates are high, it is essential to hire a professional security guards provider to keep people and property safe from terror elements or other threats.

Hiring a security services provider offers the following benefits:

  • By providing you protection, they allow you to focus on your essential tasks and profitably run your business as it improves quality of life
  • They make customized defense plans for any possible eventuality for your business or any event
  • Their professional security guards will help prevent crimes at your business premises and safeguard your valuable equipment and furniture
  • The safe and secure environment provided by the security guards allows employees to perform better and be more productive
  • Better security arrangements at your premises will encourage customers to conduct more business with you than your competitors

We are one of the top security services Ahmedabad renowned for providing high-quality and speedy security services at unbelievable rates. We will ensure that your commercial and residential spaces along with any events and social gathering run smoothly without undesirable occurrences. Our well-trained and experienced staff has years of experience in devising and executing security solutions for any event or industry, and that is why we have earned the reputation as the best security guard services in Ahmedabad.