Event Security Services

Kavach Security Agency in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, provides supreme security services for events, entertainment programs, concerts, sports events, product launch, corporate events, family celebrations, and others. We support the organizers in ensuring the safety of the guests, participants, vehicles, or any asset present in an event through our complete security mechanism.

Kavach Security Services customizes the services and focuses on meticulous planning, followed by implementation with the support of high-tech gadgets and our control center. Our agency works intending to fulfill all the needs of the clients and ensure top security in the events.

Security guards hired from our agency are all licensed and well trained by personnel from the police, army, and paramilitary forces. We also specialize in managing events in corporations, complexes, and manufacturing companies. All our guards are full of determination and dedication to their duty who can handle any emergency breakdown.

Our strengths:
  • We are always updated and equipped with the technology to handle any insecurity positions
  • We understand the context of the event and plan the security mechanism accordingly
  • We always value integrity, and we deliver what we say
  • Provide 24/7 service as we understand the need for security and do not want our absence to become a cause of threat to the venue.
Hiring Process to provide the Best Event Security:

We understand that events attract a huge crowd and thus require special security forces. We ensure to hire security guards by maintaining a strict protocol:

  • We ensure that all the guards working in our agency are licensed.
  • We offer proper training to the guards before they start working with our agency.
  • As an important protocol, we verify all the criminal background of the employee as well.
  • Our security guards are well trained in using surveillance equipment. Surveillance of parking areas, controlling the crowd, and providing first aid.
Benefits of hiring Kavach, the Best Security Services in Ahmedabad:

Our guards are trained to intelligently manage the huge crowd and track every person's entry and exit. We plan the route of entry and exit points in the venue for easy security management, ensuring to provide 360-degree security solutions for an event. Here are some perks of hiring an event security agency provider in Ahmedabad, Gujarat:

  • Surveillance and alarm systems: We always monitor the CCTV and alarm systems. This is to ensure the safety and security of the guests, people, and assets present. We are very strict about such surveillance activities so that any event can be noticed, and mishaps can be prevented.
  • VIP transportation: Our agency keeps a special focus on the transportation of the VIP. In any event, keeping the client tension-free is our main motive. Our eyes are always on the VIPs of the event, providing him with the highest security level and ensuring crowd and media house control.
  • Control the workplace violence: Fights are common in any event where a group of people gathers. Our security guards are well trained to control the disturbance and ensure a peaceful atmosphere throughout the event.
  • Use of metal detectors: For safety purposes, we use metal detectors to detect bombs and other defense materials. Our guards are well trained to handle the situation and those who aim to disturb the atmosphere of the event.
  • Handle medical response: We train our guards to handle any medical emergency during an event. They can provide the first aid treatment to the guests and have the hospitals number to call an ambulance at any given point of time
  • Complying with Local Laws: For any reason, if you require government intervention, our guards can be extremely helpful in connecting with government agencies and follow all the local laws about security.
  • Connects with Fire Stations: If the need arises, our security guards can help in peaceful exiting of the crowd and collaborate with fire stations to extinguish the fire mishaps in the event.