Industrial Security Services

Kavach Security Services is one of the best industrial security guards agency in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We provide a wide range of services for industries, manufacturing companies, and corporations. Our security guards’ main aim is to ensure the safety and security of the facility or property and its employees, visitors, and other people present.

Over several years we have been providing high-quality industrial security services for several types of clients with their varying requirements. We employ the best security guards for commercial complex and develop effective security programs that suit our clients’ changing security requirements. Our state-of-the-art training programs help our security officers to improve continually. Our professional and high-quality service is why we are known as the leading industrial security guards provider in Ahmedabad.

All our security guards are army personnel trained and licensed who have undergone vigorous training before they are employed to serve you. We employ our staff only after thoroughly verifying to rule out any criminal background. This way, we ensure that you enjoy utmost safety in your industrial area.

Our security guards for commercial complex in ahmedabad undergo rigorous training in the following:

  • Using surveillance equipment and managing them properly
  • Ability to use high-tech gadgets
  • Handling crowds and corporate party security
  • Surveillance of parking areas
  • Patrolling
  • Preventing and containment of outbreaks in workplaces
  • Providing first aid
  • Warehouse/Property locking and unlocking
What Makes us the Best Industrial Security Service Provider in Ahmedabad?
  • Control and management of access: It is vital to monitor the people going in and coming out of a facility. We place our security guards at key entry points and prevent unauthorized access inside the premises.
  • Checking the employees: In companies where goods are portable and be carried, our security guards are professionally trained to check the belongings to ensure that they are carrying any of your goods without solicit permission
  • Handling workplace violence: Sometimes, violent quarrels may erupt within the premises of an organization. Our staff is well-trained to take care of any altercation between workers or any other kind of threatening situation
  • Providing security to grounds: Unwanted illegal activities can take place anywhere within the area of the facility. Our trained security guards for commercial complex in Ahmedabad keep patrolling the grounds at the facility, including the parking areas. If any untoward event happens, our guards instantly escort the workers or guests and provide security to them.
  • Quick response to emergencies: Our security guards for commercial complex undergo vigorous training in all aspects of security. If an emergency arises, whether a worker dispute, a theft, a fire, or even a natural disaster, they respond quickly to take charge of the situation
  • Preventing and handling terror or bomb threats: In today’s disturbing times, the threat of terror is real and unexpected. Our security guards for commercial complex in Ahmedabad are always on the vigil 24x7 to ensure the safety of the people inside the facility. They are trained to detect anything unusual and are ready to take prompt action when needed. They use hi-tech gadgets to keep in touch with our control center and update us about such threats

We are the most reliable Industrial security guards provider in Gujarat with several loyal clients who have complete faith in our state of the art security solutions.

Our Core Strengths:
  • We value integrity: At Kavach, we are committed to delivering to our clients what we promise and maintaining the highest standards of quality in all departments
  • We are constantly innovating: We provide our security officers world-class training with all security methods and keep ourselves updated with the latest surveillance and security techniques
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction: We place a high value on our clients’ security concerns and provide tailor-made solutions to ensure that their business facility is safe and secure and free from threats